Terra Cotta Repairs

Repointing & Patching Repairs

Terra cotta comes from the Latin term for “baked earth.” It is typically an unglazed, clay-based ceramic used mostly as an ornamental building material and in modeling.

Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC is a commercial masonry contractor serving Buffalo, NY; Jamestown, NY; Niagara Falls, NY; and Rochester, NY. We can handle a range of terra cotta repairs, including repointing terra cotta masonry and patching repairs. We can also sculpt an exact replica of the original. We are certified by both Jahn and US Heritage to do this.

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At Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC, we understand that no two historical preservation projects are alike. We make sure to do our homework when it comes to the building’s historical significance to ensure we stay within any historical parameters. We’re sure you’ll love the results, as well as our level of customer service.

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Terra Cotta Repairs | Rochester, Niagara Falls, Buffalo & Jamestown, NY