Masonry Restoration

Masonry Restoration Services for New or Existing Properties in the Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester & Jamestown, NY Areas

Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC is your masonry restoration expert throughout Western New York. We’ve been serving Buffalo, Jamestown, Niagara Falls, and Rochester, NY for more than 15 years. When it comes to a masonry contractor, no one in the area can match our level of quality, experience, and expertise.

Our crew can perform masonry restoration work on an existing building or home. We can replace cracked or deteriorated mortar and get your old masonry back into good condition. From minor repairs to major projects, we can take care of it all!

masonry restoration of stone wall

What is Masonry Restoration?

Masonry restoration involves working on any form of old masonry on an existing structure. This can involve cleaning, sealing, repairing, or replacing existing masonry to bring the finished product back to like-new condition. Different structures will require different treatments depending on the quality of the masonry, its age, its location, and the desired outcome, but in most cases we will be replacing old mortar, cleaning dirty or faded surfaces, and applying a new seal to help the finished product continue standing for years to come. An experienced masonry contractor will know how to get an old surface looking like new again. When you call Morris Masonry Restoration, you are getting professional service from a local company. We will examine your structure to determine whether restoration is possible and what your likely outcome will look like. During the project, we will keep you up-to-date with any developments as they occur; we deliver our work on time, within budget, and according to your specifications.  Whether you have a historical home that needs restoring or an old church that could use a facelift, our team is up to the task. We have years of experience restoring masonry work across the greater Buffalo, Rochester, Niagara Falls, and Jamestown, NY areas.

Call Us Today for Quality Masonry Restoration Work!

Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC believes in quality workmanship and a safe working environment for our employees and customers. Our masonry restoration team always uses the best methodology and techniques in their work in order to deliver you the very best results as our customer. We also do everything we can to stay within your desired budget.

We understand that not all masonry restoration projects are the same, but our experienced team has the know-how to do any job. We also can work with brick, stone, terra cotta, concrete & more. We even offer innovative waterproofing assistance. Contact us today for all your masonry restoration projects in Rochester, NY and beyond!