Masonry Cleaning

A Deep Clean Without Damage

Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC can clean all your brickwork without damaging it to prevent moss, mildew, and other fungi growth. While many people may think that purchasing a DIY cleaner for these surfaces will suffice, they can actually damage your masonry. We are expert masonry contractors serving Rochester and the surrounding WNY areas who can get your masonry surfaces clean without compromising their integrity.

In addition to our commercial masonry cleaning services, we can waterproof your masonry.

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The proper way to clean masonry does not require the use of acid or sandblasting. Although there are companies out there that do so, both can permanently damage or stain brick. The proper cleaning method involves pressure washing and special chemicals.

Don’t try and figure that out yourself. Just pick up the phone and call Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC instead. We serve as the area’s best commercial masonry contractor serving Buffalo, NY; Jamestown, NY; Niagara Falls, NY; Rochester, NY; and the surrounding areas.

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