Historic Masonry Repointing & Reconstruction

Church Masonry Restoration

Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC is the superior masonry contractor in Western New York when it comes to repointing and reconstruction on historic structures. We have worked on many projects throughout Western New York, including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery East Stair Project in Buffalo and the Niagara Falls City Hall Main Stair Project. We’ve received several Buffalo Niagara Preservation awards for our work to boot.

We can perform repointing, which is renewing the external part of mortar joints, and accurately duplicate all the original mortar by size, color, and shape. We will then remove all mortar, so the bonding surfaces are exposed for the new mortar. If you’d like, we can also dismantle and salvage the original masonry. Finally, Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC can help perform work on historic churches throughout the area.

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The team at Morris Masonry Restoration, LLC specializes in restoring and rehabilitation older and historic buildings, including churches. We’re specially trained in church masonry restoration to handle these structures so as not to compromise their integrity or historical accuracy. Our list of clients includes many public and private entities throughout Western New York, and we can accurately photograph and catalog the original space, if needed.

We’d love the opportunity to restore historic buildings. Call us to get started on your project today and work with an experienced masonry contractor serving Buffalo, NY; Jamestown, NY; Niagara Falls, NY; Rochester, NY; and beyond.